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Be with me

A 3-part intermingled story set in singapore that portray the connectedness among the six characters that directly / indirectly affect their lives.

An event as mundane as cooking food for the blind woman leads the resigned old man to a life-changing experience. This leads to a chain of events that touches both their lives. This blind woman imparts a small word of wisdom that brings the young man, a social worker, close to his father. The social worker gets impetus from this blind woman to gain more discernment towards his social work, connecting with one of the broken hearted characters in the other “teenage love gone wrong” story. This character is handed a miracle by her fateful encounter with the simple minded man in the 3rd story about one-sided, unrequited love. This is just a simplified, skeletal overview which does not put forth the richness inherent in this film that works at various levels and dealt with considerable insight by the singaporean director, Erik Khoo. Beautiful review at NYT.

I cannot more heartily recommend this movie.


Directed by Eric Khoo; written (in English, Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin, with English subtitles) by Mr. Khoo and Wong Kim Hoh; director of photography, Adrian Tan; edited by Low Hwee Ling; music by Kevin Mathews and Christine Shum; produced by Brian Hong; released by Film Movement.