the despair of art and its desperate attempt to create the imperishable with perishable means. With words, sounds, stones, colors. So that space, given shape, may endure beyond time. Pitiless art. What an undertaking. Merciless art, lacking all pity for human pain which is nothing to it. Nothing but a fleeting existence, a mere accessory worth no more than the words, the minerals, the sound and like them, of use only in the quest for, and discovery of beauty. the discovery of beauty in a constant repetition. constant repetition. So beauty reveals itself to man just like cruelty…just like cruelty, the growing cruelty of games without rules that promise the symbol of infinite pleasure, greedy enjoyment, contemptuous of knowledge…a pleasure of fictitious earthly infinity that can inflict pain and death. since it can inflict pain and death without any hesitation. For that happens in the realm of beauty…in the periphery, the distant periphery…the distant periphery, exclusively accessible to the eye and through it to earthly time but inaccessible to humanity, to human tasks. So beauty reveals itself to man like a law. But a law alien to human knowledge. An alien law that reveals the ruin of beauty which imposes itself as a law out of self-love imprisoned in itself, incapable of being renewed, enlarged, developed. thats the name of beauty ruled by pleasure…greedy, voluptuous, libidinous, immutable. This game, impregnated by beauty, impregnating everything with beauty takes as its only end, beauty playing with itself. So this game, impregnated by beauty, goes on impregnating everything with beauty…taking as its end, beauty playing with itself. This game goes on to the very limit of reality, passing through time without annihilating it. Gambling with chance, without dominating it. Repetitive, infinitely prolonged, yet progressing towards its end because only humanity is divine. And thus the intoxication of beauty reveals itself to man like a game already lost in advance. Lost… JLG

When I read bad reviews, the important thing for me is the discussion thats taking place. Whether its good or bad is not an issue for me. … When you are a critic, you get worked up and then the next day its over. You move on to other things. … I think all critics are very sincere. Whether they are right or wrong, they have to be sincere, because they can’t be dishonest. … I think they are rarely dishonest. Maybe if someone’s been paid to say something good about something that he really thinks is bad, or vice-versa.JLG


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